Under the direction of Charlie and Sally Minty-Gravett, the Jersey Long Distance Swimming Club helped many attempt and complete swims that ended in smiles during its 2012 season.

These included Wendy Trehiou across the English Channel in 15 hours 0 minutes for the second time and a number of Round Jersey soloists: Goerwaat Oplinis (Belgium) 10:11 (wetsuit), Lisa Biddlecombe (Jersey) 12:33, Katherine Lowe (Jersey) 9:58, Alexia O’Mara (UK) 10:24, Mike James (Royal Air Force) 11:09, and Rob Healey (British Army) 11:10.

There were also two Jersey to France soloists including Chantelle Rose (Jersey) 10:17 and Jenny Fitzgerald (Jersey) 9:45.

There were also 6 Round Jersey relays that included Better Late than Never (Jersey) 11:19, Royal Air Force Swimming Association 9:26 (record), British Army Swimming Union 9:30, Jersey Long Distance Swimming Club 10:01, United States Air Force 10:31, and Battle Back’ (UK Combined Services) 10:35 that helped raise £35000 for Holidays for Heroes in Jersey.

Photo above shows breast cancer survivor Wendy Trehiou surrounded by her pink-clad support team.

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