Martin Strel, who swam 5,268 km (3,274 miles) in the Amazon River over a 66-day stage swim in 2007, captivated audiences at the famous Sundance Festival in Park City, Utah in 2009.

His film, Big River Man, showcased the charismatic Slovenian and his adventure with pirates and piranhas, crocodiles and anacondas in his unprecedented swim down the Amazon. Aptly named Big River Man, the movie was directed by John Maringouin and nominated for the 2012 World Open Water Swimming Offering of the Year.

At the Sundance Festival, Strel explained the 94-minute documentary and how he wanted to draw attention to the polluted waters around the globe.

This film is like art. This film is not a story about my power, my mission. This film is important for this world because it’s an inspiration for all the generations.”

He continued, “People ask me, ‘how it’s possible to prepare body for so long swim?’ You can’t prepare body for so long swimming. You have to train a lot, you must be fit, very healthy. Teamwork is important. Then keep going. Tired or not tired, keep going. Ill or not ill, keep going. You have to go every day. Day after day, just swim.”

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