Every year in late January, Acuática Nelson Vargas and the Mexican Swimming Federation host one of the world’s greatest open water swimming extravaganzas in the tropical resort town of Acapulco, Mexico where the elite and novice mingle in a multi-race event in the famous bay.

A mid-winter classic, the 7th annual Acapulco 5k Internacional 2013 is held on January 26th in the warm water of the Mexican Rivera.

The race course and distances include a 1.5 km out-and-back course for 7-8 year old and 9-10 year old children, a 2.5 km out-and-back race for anyone older than 10, and a 5 km point-to-point course across Acapulco Bay.

With a time limit of 2 hours for the 5 km swim, swimmers must maintain at least a 2:24 pace per 100 meters in order to avoid being removed from the water. But as one of the largest 5 km races in the world, safety is paramount and colorful buoys line the entire course which is ringed by a flotilla of over 40 boats and roving surfskis.

The host hotel and technical meeting will be held in the Holiday Inn Resort Hotel.

This year, due to overwhelming demand, the race is limited to the first 700 swimmers. With a nearly even split among males and females, the pods of swimmers crossing Acapulco Bay are an impressive site. “It was a great event,” said Bill Ireland, a veteran open water swimmer from California whose sentiment echoed by swimmers of all ages and abilities.

The finish of the swim is at a water park right on the beach, so everyone can enjoy the rest of their day in beautiful Acapulco.”

For more information about the event, contact Mauricio Garduño. The US$60 entry fee includes the swim, swim cap, t-shirt, commemorative medal, and entry into the CICI Aquatic Park where the awards ceremony will be held.

One of the few races in the world where the race organization owns its own timing system and transponders, the Acapulco 5k Internacional is truly one of the world’s greatest open water swimming events, held in winter in a tropical location.

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