NEKOWSA (Northeast Kingdom Open Water Swimming Association) was established in Derby, Vermont in 2010 with two goals in mind:

1. to organize and promote open water swimming in the legendary lakes of the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, and
2. to raise funds for the rural area’s struggling, financially challenged sports, fitness, and recreation center, IROC (Indoor Recreation of Orleans County).

It is well on its way to its upward trajectory to success with 7 open water events where 375 participants from 36 different states (including Alaska and Hawaii), 3 Canadian provinces and Mexico, Great Britain and India. The events are a mix of camaraderie and competition, enjoyable participation and intense racing, young and old, beginner and veteran.

They are challenging, totally fun, awesome venues, well supported and safety conscious swim,” says co-founder Phil White. “Besides the Kingdom Swim that is the 2013 U.S. Masters Swimming National 10-mile Championship, its venues – Lake Memphremagog and Lake Willoughby – are among the greatest open water swimming venues in the Americas.”

June 15th: Son of a Swim – 2-, 4-, 6-mile swims in Lake Memphremagog and qualifier for Kingdom Swim

July 6th: Kingdom Swim – 10-, 6-, 3-, 1-, ¼-mile and 100-yard swims. National 10-mile Championship will have two 10-mile waves: Championship Wave and the non-championship wave for youth, wetsuiters, and those not competing for the championship) The swim is held in conjunction with Aquafest, including The Frontier Animal Society’s Pet and Swimmers Parade.

August 3rd: Seymour Swim – 3.5-, 1.75-mile swim that is part of Kingdom Triathlon.

August 10-18th: SWIM THE KINGDOM, Seven Swims in Nine Days

August 10th: Crystal Swim – 4 mile swim under the cliffs and around the shores.
August 11th: Island Pond Swim – 3 mile swim from Brighton State Park Beach around The Island and back.
August 13th thru 15th – Daily Swims, short and long, at some of our spectacular venues.
August 17th: Willoughby Swim – a truly majestic 5-mile swim.
August 18th: Caspian Swim – 3 miles to Bathtub Rock and back or 1.5 miles to The Rock, with shuttle back.

September 7th: THE MONSTER SWIM, In Search of Memphre – 25 Mile International Swim the length of Lake Memphremagog.

For more information, visit Northeast Kingdom Open Water Swimming Association.

Photo of Lake Willoughby by National Geographic.

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