The Tyumen extreme swimming championships schedule is as follows:

The 2-day winter swimming championship starts on December 15th, but swimmers must register the day before on December 14th. On the 14th, Ram Barkai, Ryan Stramrood and Kieron Palframan will also be present at a press conference devoted to their upcoming Bering swim in 2013.

Day One on December 15th
– 25m breaststroke for women and man under 20 and older than 60
– 25m freestyle for women and man under 20 and older than 60
– 50m breaststroke for men
– 50m freestyle for men
– 4x25m relay where each relay includes 3 men of different ages and a woman

Day Two on December 16th endurance swimming
– 150, 300, 500m freestyle for women
– 300, 500, 800, 1000 m freestyle for men
– more than 1000 m [Our Last event]

The age groups are as follows:

I group: 14─20 years old (born 1992 -1998)
II group: 21–30 years old (born 1982-1991)
III group: 31–40 years old (born 1972-1981)
IV group: 41–50 years old (born 1962-1971)
V group: 51–60 years old (born 1952-1961)
VI group: 61–70 years old (born 1942-1951)
VII group: older than 70 (born 1941 and earlier)

SIBERIA ICE-SWIM from Sean Mac an tSithigh on Vimeo.

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