Jamie’s Swim Camp III, The Lake Tahoe Edition, the California counterpart to the Cork Distance Week led by Ned Denison, features a theme: Swim, Stay and Play.

The 4-day camp will be held August 8th – 11th in the beautiful waters of Lake Tahoe. While the Cork Distance Week in Ireland is about acclimating the body and mind to discomfort, long distances, cold water, and the unexpected to the extreme for channel swimmers, Jamie’s Swim Camp has a different twist.

As always, my camps are about the love of open water swimming. They are about reconnecting with old friends and making new ones. It is not about how fast or how far you have gone. There are no stroke seminars or video analyses, but I can tell you that I have learned more from those that have attended camp in the past than I have from any book, video or swim lesson,” explained its namesake Jamie Patrick, a personable Californian who is never far from any body of water.

But underneath the sunny California disposition, there are some real concrete goals for the Camp participants to achieve. “I have three hopes for this year’s camp,” said the co-founder the of the Lake Tahoe Swimming Society. “First, that you walk away in better shape than you arrived. Second, that you have an incredible experience and make amazing friends along the way. Third, that when you leave Lake Tahoe, it will have impacted you in some way, whether big or small. To me, Lake Tahoe is a place where I have spent countless hours experiencing the magical peace and spirit of her waters.

We shall come as Individuals and leave as a Swim Family.”

Photo shows Lexie Kelly training in Lake Tahoe.

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