These open water swimmers are luminaries of the sport. They are so renowned that any mention of their first name is immediately recognizable in the open water swimming world.

Their reputations and exploits, their attempts and successes, their travels and their writings are extraordinarily well-known among open water swimmers and many people in the general public:

1. Lynne (Cox), USA
2. Ram (Barkai), South Africa
3. Ned (Denison), Ireland
4. Maarten (van der Weijden), Netherlands
5. Thomas (Lurz), Germany
6. Keri-Anne (Payne), Great Britain
7. Freda (Streeter), Great Britain
8. Penny (Palfrey), Australia
9. Philip (Rush), New Zealand
10. Kevin (Murphy), Great Britain
11. Greta (Andersen), USA
12. Nuala (Moore), Ireland
13. Nejib (Belhedi), Tunisia
14. Nick (Adams), Great Britain
15. Julie (Bradshaw), Great Britain
16. Petar (Stoychev), Bulgaria
17. Ous (Mellouli), Tunisia
18. Claudio (Plit), Argentina
19. Colin (Hill), Great Britain
20. Forrest (Nelson), USA
21. Ron (Collins), USA
22. Annaleise (Carr), Canada
23. Trent (Grimsey), Australia
24. Natalie (du Toit), South Africa
25. Stephen (Redmond), Ireland
26. Lewis (Pugh), South Africa
27. Diana (Nyad), USA
28. Shelley (Taylor-Smith), Australia
29. Charlie (Gravett), Jersey
30. Martin (Strel), Slovenia
31. Patti (Bauernfeind), USA

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