Not only did Michelle Macy become the third person in history to achieve the Oceans Seven, she also did it while flying across the North Channel.

The Oregon resident completed her final leg of the Oceans Seven in 9 hours 34 minutes 39 seconds, a new world record for the North Channel. Macy dipped under the previous record with plenty of time to spare. The record of 9 hours 53 minutes was set in August 1988, held by the renowned Alison Streeter.

Macy left Donaghadee at 5 am under calm seas and cloud cover. Water temperature was 13ºC (55ºF) for most of the day. Although the sun did not break much, the air temperature was good throughout the day until Macy touched the Scottish Coast at 2:34 pm.

Macy was escorted by pilot Quinton Nelson and observer Maureen McCoy who of her Ireland to Scotland crossing, “What an amazing day for the North Channel.”

After 10 separate channel swims touching 10 different countries, Macy completed the Oceans Seven with the following channel crossings:

2007: English Channel, 10 hour 2 minute crossing from England to France
2008: Catalina Channel, 10 hour 12 minute crossing from Catalina Island to California
2009: English Channel, 11 hour 37 minute crossing from England to France
2010: Cook Strait, 8 hour 2 minute crossing from the North to South Island of New Zealand
2010: Strait of Gibraltar, 3 hour 39 minute crossing from Spain to France
2011: Molokai Channel, twice attempted with a 14 hour 12 minute crossing from Molokai to Oahu
2012: Tsugaru Channel, twice attempted with an 8 hour 55 minute crossing from Honshu to Hokkaido
2013: North Channel, twice attempted with a 9 hour 34 minute world record from Ireland to Scotland

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