Brian Phillips from Herndon, Virginia and the Nation’s Capital Swim Club and veteran Eric Nilsson headline the men’s field at this weekend’s WOWSA World 10-mile Championships at the multi-event Kingdom Swim in Vermont.

It should be a fantastic battle between the 19-year-old Phillips from Herndon, Virginia and the Nation’s Capital Swim Club and the 26-year-old veteran Nilsson (shown on left), a former NCAA finalist with blazing fast freestyle times. With several ocean swims under his swim cap, rough water is not an issue for Nilsson, a Northeastern University record holder. But the younger Phillips may have too much in his young tank for anyone to keep up in the 10-miler.

With entrants as far away as Alaska and Arizona, California and England, here are the men of the WOWSA Championships:

Feodor Orlov, Brian Phillips, Eric Nilsson, Eric Anderson, Nathan Dressel, Bryce Croll, Alexander Holdridge, Nelson Villatoro, Timothy Root, John Royer, Michael Leake, Jim Birmingham, Gil Sharon, Michael Babcock, Kevin Joubert, Rick Alexander, Steven Shotts, Paul Krakovitz, Peter Reich, Jeffrey Lime, Steve Patton, Andrew Pulsifer, Michael Mundy, Barth Getto, Gary Labine, Philip Schoepke, Christopher Stevens, Ken Classen, Kevin Sullivan, Thomas Schwartz, Bill Shipp, Brian McLaughlin, Eric Winn, Barney Heller, Daniel Shub, and Rob Madell.

For more information, visit Kingdom Swim.

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