At the Unión Americana de Natación meeting in Rio de Janeiro, Denny Ryther, Chairman of the Unión Americana de Natación Technical Open Water Swimming Committee, and Executive Committee Liaison Jose Ismael Gonzales reported on several highlights about open water swimming throughtout the Americas.

Growth of open water swimming in the Americas continues. In particular, the Central American and Caribbean Swimming Federation (CCCAN) is a great example since open water swimming is developing enormously with its recent participation numbers.”

CONSANAT President Dr. Francisco Javier Lopez Chavez offered a beautiful venue in Chile’s Curauma Lake (Laguna De Curauma) in Chile for its next international open water swimming competition. The fresh water venue has a great spectator area with consistent temperatures and protection from winds and tides, only 12 km from Valparaiso with excellent hotels. ”O melhor do mundo,” commented UANA President Coaracy Nunes Filho of Brazil (shown above).

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