It is rare in any sport that an athlete goes five for five. A 100% success rate is what every athlete strives for.

But it is even more rare when an athlete goes five for five over five decades. It simply have never happened before for a female athlete.

But Sally Minty-Gravett is such a world-class athlete. Unique and unmatched. Simply put, the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Famer has set the longevity standard for the English Channel that may never be broken.

In an attempt on a 2-way crossing of the English Channel,” she explains. “Which on the day was not an option in the end for me, I did complete a one-way making it my 5th in 5 decades.”

Time to reflect and celebrate…and to start planning and training for the next decade.

For the record, she has completed her first crossing in 1975 in 11 hours 57 minutes, her second crossing in 1985 in 15 hours 3 minutes, her third crossing in 1992 (France to England) in 12 hours 8 minutes, her fourth crossing in 2005 in 13 hours 31 minutes, and her fifth crossing in 17 hours 48 minutes in 2013.

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