The Australian pod started with 2 friends and has rapidly grown to over 6,000 members. “We now have 100-150 swimmers every weekday and 200-300 swimmers on most Saturdays and Sundays,” explains Stephen Coulter about the brainchild of Julie Isbill.

There are no fees to join – it is totally free. Sponsors provide the pink bathing caps the Bold and Beautiful Swim Squad Manly members use for visibility and safety reasons.

In addition, there is a Bold & Beautiful membership card that swimmers can buy for $10 that then gives them discounts to many businesses in the Manly area and beyond. There is a range of apparel that members can buy. People from around 37 countries have swum with the B&B pod and regularly keep up with its activities through its popular blog that gets read around the world every day.

Isbill and top-notch team of technologists and marketers have developed smart technology for tracking attendance, distances swum, and a variety of interesting data for arguably the most innovative open water swimming pod in the world.

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