International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame Honour Swimmer Yuko Matsuzaki has dodged a fair number of lightning strikes during her long career spanning nearly 20 years of professional marathon swimming, but lightning finally caught up with her.

A lightning strike hit her bedroom tonight at her apartment in Orlando, Florida. From the heavens to her room, it was a direct hit without a forewarning.

Oh, it was very, very bad. Posters and pictures around the room immediately dropped from my wall. What was most scary was that I felt an electronic shock go through my entire body. From head to toe, I felt a zap go through me. Then my room filled up with smoke; it was scary.

I am fine after my hair settled down on my head. I had to clean up the complete mess in my room, but unfortunately my computer modem and Wifi are dead. I might be offline for a while, but Pooh is OK.”

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