Don Watson received an honor long overdue. With innumerable great pool and open water swimmers who developed under his tutelage, Watson was more than appreciative of the Honour Administrator award he received at the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame.

With John Kinsella, one of his most outstanding professional marathon swimmers over a career that stretched over six decades, Watson was touched by the accolades that came his way in Ireland with his family at his side.

It was a marvelous weekend for me and my support group that traveled to attend my induction ceremony. Including my two grandchildren, Noah and Shaun, there were my son Jon and his wife Helena from Geneva. My daughter Ann, George Goff, my first All-American swimmer dating back to 1962, John Kinsella and his girlfriend Sharon, and his daughter and Molly and her boyfriend Sam.

As I mentioned being inducted into the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame as a coach was the culmination of my over 60 years engaged in the love of my life – coaching swimmers. At my age of 83, it is difficult to look to far into the future and so past accomplishment are very important to me.”

Watson, who also organized many national championships in America, understood the work that went into the Hall of Fame induction ceremonies and Global Open Water Swimming Conference. “Ossi [Schmidt] is to be commended for his tireless efforts and time to organize this quality Global Open Water Swimming Conference. It was first class. I met so many great swimmers and officials and so did John Kinsella. We loved Cork and Kinsale.”

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