On the shores of Waikiki Beach and many resorts worldwide, the happiness of newlywed couples is occasionally punctuated by extreme regret and sadness.

Not for marrying the person of their dreams, but because they have lost their wedding ring in the joy of swimming in the ocean.

Tears from newlyweds can be avoided now with a simply elegant solution designed and developed by Adrian McGreevy of Amphibia.

The Amphibia Sports Ring is a flexible, stretchy silicone covering that protects your rings during swimming, effectively eliminating worry about loss or damage. Retailing at €8 / £6 in the United Kingdom, the Amphibia Sports Ring is a genius solution to a problem that faced by millions.

The Sports Ring allows triathletes and open water swimmers to keep their rings on rather than taking them off or potentially losing or damaging it in the water.

An Irish native, McGreevy showcased his cool-looking gear at the 2013 Global Open Water Swimming Conference in Cork, Ireland, from the Dry Mat to the Amphibia Sports Ring.

For more information on the Sports Ring, visit Amphibia’s website here.

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