The feet: they can be tough and hardened or soft and sensitive.

For those whose feet are on the soft and sensitive side, they often hate walking on soft peddles in a parking lot or on icky things in the shallow water. They dislike walking barefoot on burning hot sand on the beach during summer and along the cool crunchy coastline during the winter sans sandals.

Whether athletes want a little more warmth standing on a cold pavement or pool deck, a little more comfort on rough terrain or along a coastline, or a little more hygiene in a old locker room, the Dry Mat delivers. Adrian McGreevy of Amphibia has come up with a winner that many triathletes and open water swimmers see more value than its €15 (£12) price.

An Irish native, McGreevy showcased his cool-looking gear at the 2013 Global Open Water Swimming Conference in Cork, Ireland, from the Dry Mat to the Amphibia Sports Ring.

For more information on the Dry Mat, visit Amphibia’s website here.

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