Teacher, author, mother of 4 children and open water swimmer Mimi Hughes will sign copies of her book, Wider Than A Mile, on Saturday, November 10th in Fayettevile, Tennessee at the Book Inn on the Fayetteville Square.

Mimi Hughes will sign copies of her book, Wider Than A Mile is about her 1771-mile stage swim down the Danube River in 2006 when she swam through 10 countries.

The memoir starts off, “The cold, the fear, the pain is irrelevant. For the next eighty-nine days everything must be about moving forward. Swimming is my job, every day, seven days a week, without end. The number of days left cannot be counted like an advent calendar or one of those strings of paper rings we used as children to count the days left until summer vacation. Conscious awareness of the task ahead will only serve to chip away my resolve. Staying in the moment is not an option but essential for enduring. One stroke at a time; that’s the mentality that will get me to the Black Sea. How far would you go to enact true social change?

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