Pam Lazzarotto’s Half Century Of Passion
Pam Lazzarotto is one of the fittest athletes in the world in her 50s. The 30’ish-looking swimmer is relentlessly active, regularly pushing herself in spin class, running on the beach, and doing butterfly during main sets while others stick to freestyle. As a former world-class swimmer from Toronto, Canada, she has always had a flair for design and fashion. After graduating from the University of Arizona where she swam four years, she took her talents and vision to Southern California. As she remained involved in swimming as a masters competitor and coach, she also established herself as a creative designer of custom jewelry. While others are comfortable with simple sweats and parkas heading to and from practice, Lazzarotto has a flair and is always decked out with totally cool rings, original bracelets, and extraordinary necklaces. Despite a livelihood that requires her to constantly utilize her talents and maintain her originality, she remains grounded with laps in the pool and miles in the Pacific Ocean. And she remains deeply passionate about the sport despite being around pool decks, lake shores and ocean coastlines for 47 of her 51 years on Earth. “Swimming is such a great sport,” said the Canadian native. “My friends, my health, my comfort zone: swimming has given me so much. I have so much to be grateful for. It is time for me to give back so I look forward to helping coach and motivate others to enjoy themselves in the water and try new things whether it is a triathlon or one lap butterfly.” “She brings a certain energy every day to our workouts and has a kind word and gives friendly advice and encouragement to everyone around her. She walks on deck and just brings a smile to everyone’s face,” says lane mate Lexie Kelly. “Technically, she knows so much about swimming and has a great manner how to teach someone how to improve. Copyright © 2008 – 2013 by World Open Water Swimming Association