There are many reasons to be an open water swimmer, but here are some perks of the sport:

1. Sartorial pleasure: You can wear swimsuits with cool designs.
2. Marine observation: You can see first-hand all kinds of marine life in their natural environment.
3. Situational experience: You can compete at seaside resorts and in beautiful lakes.
4. Literal recognition: You can easily imagine what Lynne Cox writes about.
5. Global acquaintance: You can workout with friends from around the world.
6. Physical appreciation: You are around men/women in swimsuits on most days.
7. Geographic awareness: You can learn about all kinds of bodies of water around the world.
8. Physical provocation: You can challenge yourself against the elements of nature.
9. Cost effectiveness: You can save money on sports gear/wear relative to doing land-based sports.
10. Imaginative expansiveness: You can plan and do all kinds of unprecedented aquatic adventures.

Photo of Adam Walker, coach, Swim Camp Malta clinician, speaker and Oceans Seven swimmer.

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