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Bill May, one of the stars of the Cirque du Soleil show O!, put on another great show on Lake Mead in the middle of the Nevada desert.

This time, however, the 35-year-old was not spending time underwater in a massive tank at the Bellagio Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip, but rather pushing it hard against 22-year-old Denny Cullom in this last weekend’s Las Vegas 10K.

It was thrilling to watch Bill and Denny duke it out,” describes Kara Miller. “They were neck and neck each lap before Denny pulled ahead over the final stretch.”

While the day started in its usual glory as a bright sun rose over Lake Mead in the early morning in the desert, the swimmers gradually took a beating.

What an honor it was to watch participants from across the country compete in such challenging conditions,” explained Miller who also organizes the Slam the Dam event and is a coach with Swim Las Vegas.

She was impressed with everyone’s tenacity. “The water temperature started at 67ºF with the air temperature at 82ºF and the winds at a relatively calm 2 mph. But by the end of the race, the winds had increased to 10 mph with gusts up to 13 mph as the air temperature climbed to 100ºF.”

Paul Fritz, who selflessly dedicated hundreds of hours to planning and organizing the day, oversaw lots of locals and out-of-staters take to Lake Mead including the Scott family who each placed in their event (father Kevin in the 10 km marathon swim, son in the 5 km, and daughter Ana in the 1 mile).

10K Open Water Swim Overall Male
1. Denny Cullom, 22, 2:17
2. Bill May, 35, 2:18
3. Kevin Scott, 2:28

10K Open Water Swim Overall Female
1. Dominique Maack, 21, 2:38
2. Stacey Warmuth, 57, 2:50
3. Tammy Stewart, 3:02

5K Open Water Overall Female
1. Alaina Pribis, 17, 1:15
2. Kari Adams, 1:23
3. Nadia Louhichi, 33, 1:24

5K Open Water Swim Overall Male
1. Patrick Kelly, 47, 1:26
2. Bill Pribis, 47,1:29
3. Jordon Scott, 14, 1:33

1 Mile Open Water Overall Male
1. Mike Sherrill, 64, 23:37
2. Andrew Sturgess, 25:16
3. Tyler Marsing, 26, 25:57

1 Mile Open Water Overall Female
1. Anna Scott, 12, 25:49
2. Laura Gould, 26, 26:02
3. Timmion Nichols, 45, 33:31

The complete race results are posted here.

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