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Sam Krohn, an emerging filmmaker, made an extremely positive one-day impression on the global open water swimming community with his new film, Uaimh an tSolais & Uaimh na nÉan.

Shot on one take along the Copper Coast in southern Ireland, the Australian-born Irish resident created his short film together with Donal Buckley of Loneswimmer. Their artistry was nominated for the 2014 World Open Water Swimming Offering of the Year.

Krohn’s passion for the open water and his keen understanding of the interaction between man and nature is creatively captured in the following visuals and sounds of Buckley’s much-frequented sea swimming course:

The 2014 WOWSA Awards nomination for Uaimh an tSolais & Uaimh na nÉan by Sam Krohn with Donal Buckley reads, “The undulation of the underwater, the oscillation of the ocean, the charm of the coastline. These are the natural phenomena that attract individuals around the world to the open water. Sam Krohn, like many of his fellow Australians and open water swimmers worldwide, possesses a deep connection with the sea; his instincts and insights into the raw beauty of the marine environment and the pure joy of open water swimming is captured in Uaimh an tSolais & Uaimh na nÉan, a film inspired by Donal Buckeley and shot in one take on the Copper Coast along Tramore Bay on the southern coast of Ireland. For filming from seaside caves and a swimmer’s perspective at the water’s level, for simply yet profoundly highlighting a special place that has been explored by relatively few humans, for documenting the sights, sounds and emotions of one representative lone swimmer in the sea, Uaimh an tSolais & Uaimh na nÉan or Cave of the Light & Cave of the Birds is a worthy nominee for the 2014 World Open Water Swimming Offering of the Year.

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