Report is courtesy of Jacqueline Galway.

The following athletes were recognized for their accomplishments and achievements at the 2014 Irish Long Distance Swimming Association Awards ceremonies held at The Espalade Hotel in Bray Dublin:

* Olive Conroy, Juvenile Best Newcomer to Open Water

* Jon Glover, Juvenile Swimmer of the Year Runner Up

* Judith Spence, Senior Best Newcomer to Open Water

* Colleen Mallon, Ulster Open Water Swimmer of the Year

* Colleen Mallon, Senior Female Swimmer of the Year

* 10K Championships Camlough Lake, Best Organised Open Water Swim 2014

* Keith Garry, English Channel Medal and Certificate
* Colleen Mallon, North Channel Solo Medal and Certificate

* Adrian Poucher, David Burke, Jacqueline Galway, John McElroy, Alison Cardwell, and Barry Patterson: North Channel relay team medal and certificate

McClelland summarized, “Special thanks were offered to coach Milo McCourt, Pádraig Mallon and Nuala Moore for their tireless efforts in open water swimming and safe passage to the challengers of 2015 including the Ice IK’ers, Keith Garry and Donna Cooke.”

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