Results courtesy of Yasunari Hirai in Cozumel, Mexico .

There were all kinds of races within the FINA 10K World Cup race in Cozumel, Mexico today.

A few countries were looking at the results in Cozumel to consider what athletes they may select for the 2015 FINA World Championships, but since everything is left to the individual governing bodies, the athletes must wait for decisions to be made.

In the case of Great Britain, the 10 km representatives are selected based on the decision of British Swimming’s Open Water Lead in consultation with the Head Coach. Their selection is based on the results of the 2015 BHP Billiton Super Series 10 km Open Water Swimming Championships and the FINA World Cup race today. With his signature victory today, Jack Burnell looks to have an inside track.

Among the Australian men, Simon Huitenga, who finished 7th, will represent Australia at the FINA World Championships with the opportunity to qualify for the 2016 Rio Olympics. He won the Aussie race-within-a-race over George O’Brien who finished 17th and Jarrod Poort who placed 28th.

The Brazilians, as the host nation of the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, have a slightly more complicated qualification process.

As the host nation, Brazil gets to name one automatic Olympic 10K Marathon Swim finalist. That Brazilian representative will be selected at the 2015 FINA Championships in Kazan. But if Brazil’s two swimmers in Kazan finish the 10 km race among the top 10, then Brazil will have two 10 km finalists. If one Brazilian finishes in the top 10, then that individual will represent Brazil. If no Brazilian finishes in the top 10, then the Brazilian Swimming Federation will establish a criteria that can include a test event or perhaps some other means to select its representative.

But Allan do Carmo and Diogo Villarinho will represent the Brazilian men based on the results in Cozumel.

And looming behind the field in 39th pace was two-time Olympic champion Ous Mellouli of Tunisia. His return to the open water is similar to his strategy that ultimately led him to a gold medal in 2012.

Final Men’s Results

1. Jack Burnell (GBR) 1:42:06.00
2. Esteban Enderica Salgado (ECU) 1:42:10.0
3. Simone Ruffini (ITA) 1:42:13.0
4. Ferry Weertman (NED) 1:42:14.01
5. Allan do Carmo (BRA) 1:42:14.02
6. Andreas Waschburger (GER) 1:42:14.03
7. Daniel Fogg (GBR) 1:42:15.01
8. Simon Huitenga (AUS) 1:42:15.02
9. Andrew Gemmell (USA) 1:42:16.0
10. Christian Reichert (GER) 1:42:17.00
11. Mario Sanzullo (ITA) 1:42:17.01
12. Federico Vanelli (ITA) 1:42:17.02
13. Daniel Delgadillo (MEX) 1:42:20.00
14. Richard Weinberger (CAN) 1:42:20.01
15. Matteo Furian (ITA) 1:42:21.00
16. Kane Radford (NZL) 1:42:22.00
17. Diogo Villarinho (BRA) 1:42:23.00
18. Marcel Schouten (NED) 1:42:24.00
19. Caleb Hughes (GBR) 1:42:29.00
20. George O’Brien (AUS) 1:42:30.00
21. Diego Vera (VEN) 1:42:31.00
22. Samuel de Bona (BRA) 1:42:35.00
23. Thomas Allen (GBR) 1:42:36.00
24. Sean Ryan (USA) 1:42:37.00
25. Yasunari Hirai (JPN) 1:42:37.01
26. Soren Meibner (GER) 1:42:37.02
27. Gergely Gyurta (HUN) 1:42:37.03
28. Guillermo Bertola (ARG) 1:42:37.04
29. Eric Hedlin (CAN) 1:42:43.00
30. Alexander Studzinski (GER) 1:42:43.00
31. Jarrod Poort (AUS) 1:42:57.00
32. Chip Peterson (USA) 1:43:00.00
33. Philippe Guertin (CAN) 1:43:04.00
34. Rob Muffels (GER) 1:43:13.00
35. Ivan Enderica Salgado (ECU) 1:43:16.00
36. Evgenij Pop Acev (MKD) 1:43:24.00
37. Gaspar Vasco (POR) 1:43:27.00
38. Wilder Carretoo (VEN) 1:43:45.00
39. Oussama Mellouli (TUN) 1:43:45.01
40. Matthais Schweinzer (AUT) 1:44:18.00
41. Verti Arturo Perez (MEX) 1:44:25.00
42. Xavier Desharnais (CAN) 1:44:25.00
43. Nicolas Masse (CAN)
44. Darry Billiau (BEL)
45. Luis Bolanos (VEN)
46. Gabriel Villalobos (ARG)
47. Santiago Enderica Salgado (ECU)
48. Yohsuke Miyamoto (JPN)
49. Vitally Khudyakov (KAZ)
50. Christopher Bryan (IRL)
51. Jan Kutnik (CZE)
52. Troy Antony Balvert (NED)
53. Luis Rogerio Arapiraca (BRA)
54. Joris Wesley (BEL)
55. Kosuke Mimura (JPN)
56. Rafael Gil (POR)
57. Fernando Betanzos (MEX)
58. Jon McKoy (CAN)
59. Liam Desjarlais (CAN)
60. Timothy Woinoski (CAN)
61. Alfredo Villa Mejia (MEX)
62. Miguel Alejandro Hernandez (MEX)
63. Alan Rojas (MEX)
64. Ethan Phillips (CAN)
65. Tsvetan Yordanov (BUL)
66. Fernando Sevilla (MEX)
67. Edouard Belanger (CAN) 2:01.56.00
68. Cristopher Lanuza (CRC) 2:06.21.00
69. Rodolfo Sanchez (CRC) 2:08.45.00
70. Liam Taylor (CAN) DNS
71. Jonhdry Segoyia (VEN) DNS
72. Jaime Arevalo (BOL) DNS
73. Diego Omar Fierro (MEX) DQF
74. Erwin Maldonado (VEN) DQF

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