Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

I will be leaving from Palos Verdes around 9 pm tonight [to to swim across the Catalina Channel from Mainland to Catalina Island],” says Hank Wise, a waterman and coach from SWIM Long Beach, California who has previously done an 8 hour 7 minute crossing (#7 all-time) in the opposite direction.

The ocean’s fury and power are amazing. She is like a moody beast – sometimes sleeping, sometimes happy and playful, sometimes ferocious and destructive. I hope to peacefully sneak across her powerful paw as she sleeps.”

Hank Wise shown above with the Sea Monkeys, Tribe and Dawn Patrollers Long Beach before heading out for an ocean swim facing 7-10 knot south wind and a 3-4 foot building south swell.

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