Courtesy of Phil White of the Kingdom Games in Vermont.

Lake Memphremagog looks big and wide from nearly every angle. Swim east, swim west, swim north, swim south, and there will always be a long way to go. It is a distance swimmer’s dream.

In this venue, Phil White has created the Kingdom Games for open water lovers.

19-year-old Australian Chris Deegan captured the recent WOWSA 10 Mile Championships at the Kingdom Swim with a record-breaking time of 3:19:41. 10 seconds was his training partner 21-year-old Eva Fabian of Keene, New Hampshire with a time of 3:19:51.

28-year-old Eric Nilsson was 14 minutes back in 3:34:01 with 20-year-old Dartmouth student Joby Bernstein in fourth in 4:03:12.

After Fabian, who had just returned from winning the Pan American 10 km marathon swim, 40-year-old Natalia Derbentseva of Kitchener, Canada was second in 4:28:08 just ahead of Jen Olsen, 44 of Natick, Massachusetts who placed with a time of 4:29:15.

A total of 146 swimmers and 125 kayakers hit the water. They came from 22 different states and Canada, Saudi Arabia, Scotland, Australia and New Zealand. After a fog delay, the conditions were perfect with light winds, smooth water, and 70-72°F water for the 15-mile Border Buster, the 10 Mile WOWSA World Championship, and the 1, 3, and 6 Mile New England Masters Championships.

In the 15-mile Border Buster, Kate Dooley, 48 of Austin, Texas, was the overall winner with a time of 6:24:10. 25-year-old Mitchell Hsing of Cambridge, Massachusetts won the men’s division in 6:39:56. The Busters were scheduled to depart from Prouty Beach at 5:30 am, but dense fog delayed their start by 3 hours and pushed back the 3, 6, and 10 mile starts by an hour. This is the second year of the 15-mile swim up the west side of the lake into Canada that goes around Province Island, crosses to Buttis Point, and returns back to the American soil for the finish. Canadian and American border officials helped to facilitate the crossing by the 13 who raced.

The lake was patrolled by 11 local volunteer boats, 50 kayakers, and the Newport City Police who provided support and directions to the swimmers throughout the day. The event has raised approximately US$2,000 to support Memphremagog Watershed Association.

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