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James Salter of Marathon Films announced to the English Channel community that his film made together with Justin Hardy, and John Toba with Jack Fishburn and Muireann Price is finished.

We finally made the film. There is a showing in Dover on July 24th, but otherwise this is running for a week at the Curzon Bloomsbury from August 14th until 21st twice a day and may run longer. It is also being run at the ICA cinema/gallery near Buckingham Palace.

Nick Adams and I have discussed the possibility of a small grant to fund the advancement of Channel Swimming in the wider community. Tickets are selling at £15, but it is a good night out. There will be quite a lot of press going on surrounding the 140th anniversary of his swim and there are also showings in Dawley.

For those who are about to do their first swims this is what it is all about and why we often come back for more

Marathon Films‘ purpose is to make films that tell the stories of unsung British heroes. For the open water swimming community, the filmmakers could have not picked a better protagonist for their first feature film The Greatest Englishman.

Similar to Sir Edmond Hillary for mountaineers and Neil Armstrong among astronauts, Captain Matthew Webb holds a special place in the hearts of open water swimmers. Everything about his crossing of the English Channel in 1875 is iconic and inspirational after swimming breaststroke across the Channel for 21 hours 45 minutes. He had a seemingly impossible dream that he saw to completion. He pioneered a mindset for future generations.

Starring as Captain Webb, British actor Warren Brown said, “Being a part of this project has been a fantastic experience. Captain Webb was a brave and courageous man who made the impossible happen through sheer determination and courage and it has been an honour to bring his story to life.”

Salter who envisioned bringing his story to contemporary audiences is eminently positioned to bring Webb’s story to life. With his pedigree as an English Channel swimmer who has also crossed the Strait of Gibraltar twice, Salter knows well what it takes to prepare and then face head-on the most famed waterway in the world.

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