Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Michelle White is a 44-year-old Irish open water swimmer who participates in channel crossing relays.

Last summer, she became the first known person to complete the Relay Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming.

Her Relay Triple Crown included the following relay swims:

1. English Channel completed in 17 hours 10 minutes in 2012 with Alan Duffy, Peig Toombes, Pattie Legg, Michelle White, and Fiona McCormack on the Naval Channel Swimmers relay at the age of 40.

2. Manhattan Island Marathon Swim in 9 hours 27 minutes in 2014 with Jeannie Zappe, Michelle White, Hugh Darlington, Sophie Ruthenbar, Louise Darlington, and Susan Czechowski on the Channeling Greatness relay team at the age of 42.

3. Catalina Channel completed in 11 hours 1 minute in 2015 with Jacqueline Cole, Jeannie Zappe, Louise Darlington, Michelle White, Janine Serell, and Hugh Darlington on the Channeling Greatness relay team at the age of 43 [shown above].

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