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While Ben Lecomte is busy preparing to swim across the Pacific Ocean, Ben Hooper is preparing for his own solo swim across the Atlantic Ocean.

Transoceanic solo swims are tough mentally and physically, but the logistics and operational budget are overwhelming. Both Ben’s have spent years planning and raising sponsorships to achieve their respective goals.

What are the similarities and differences between the Ben’s transoceanic challenges? See below for a short summary:

Lecomte is French living in Texas, USA. Hooper is British from Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

Lecomte is 49 years old. Hooper is 38.

Lecomte is doing a 5,500-mile transpacific solo stage swim. Hooper is doing a 2,000-mile transatlantic solo stage swim.

Lecomte will wear a wetsuit, snorkel and fins. Hooper will wear a wetsuit, snorkel, Shark Shield, and a waterproof MP3 player.

Lecomte’s swim is called The Longest Swim. Hooper’s swim is called Swim The Big Blue.

Lecomte will conduct research on medical and physiological effects of endurance exploits as well as environmental studies. Hooper will conduct research on medical, psychological and physical effects of the swim on human body endurance, as well as studies on the amount of plastics in the ocean, nutrition, hydration impact, and immune system response.

Lecomte will cross 1,000 miles of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Hooper will undoubtedly see much flotsam in the Atlantic.

Lecomte will be tracked and broadcast in real time. Hooper will be tracked and broadcast in real time.

Lecomte’s motto is “From Tokyo to San Francisco in the name of sustainability“. Hooper’s motto is “Dream, live and achieve – nothing is impossible”.

Lecomte is a citizen research project. Hooper will raise money for Maggie’s Cancer Care Centres, Addaction, SOS Children’s Villages, Help 4 Henry and County Community Projects.

Lecomte will swim from Tokyo to San Francisco. Hooper will swim from Dakar, Senegal, in West Africa to Natal, Brazil.

Lecomte estimates his transpacific swim will take 6 months. Hooper estimates his transatlantic swim will take 4 months.

Lecomte will swim 8 hours per day in 1 shift. Hooper will swim 12 hours per day in 2-3 shifts.

Lecomte estimates he will spend 1,440 hours in the water. Hooper plans to spend 1,440 hours in the water.

Lecomte plans to eat 8,000 calories per day. Hooper plans to eat 12,000 calories per day.

Lecomte will face ocean swells, extreme temperatures, sharks, jellyfish, and flotsam. Hooper will face ocean swells, extreme temperatures, sharks, jellyfish, and flotsam.

Lecomte is waiting to confirm a start date in June 2016 (depending on weather). Hooper will start on November 1st 2016.

Lecomte’s tweets are at @TheLongestSwim. Hooper’s tweets are at @SwimTheBigBlue.

Lecomte’s website is Hooper’s website is

Lecomte on Facebook: Hooper on Facebook:

Lecomte will be accompanied by one escort boat [see above]. Hooper will be accompanied by one escort boat.

Lecomte’s escort boat Stella is 83 feet long. Hooper’s escort boat is 49 feet long.

Lecomte is pioneering an unprecedented adventure. Hooper is attempting an unprecedented course in an unconventional way.

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