Images courtesy of on Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro.

Ferry Weertman won the most dramatic race possible on Copacabana Beach as he led a chase pack to catch Australia’s Jarrod Poort on the last lap of the Olympic 10K Marathon Swim this afternoon in Rio de Janeiro.

Poort led by as much as 1 minute 15 seconds and still held onto a 45-second lead with 2 km to go, but Weertman and the rest of the trailing pack were just starting to put on their sprint. With 600 meters to go, Poort was no longer a factor in the race, but the top swimmers were in an 8-wide formation. Each of the men were strung out shoulder-to-shoulder and had an excellent shot at winning the gold medal.

I had a perfect finish,” Weertman told Bonnie Ford of ESPN.

Marcel Wouda, who has coached a number of Dutch world champions, is one whose attention to detail always seems to benefit his athletes at the world championships and Olympics.

Wouda make a touchpad and placed at the end of a fishing pole. During his pool workouts, the coach held the touchpad in front of Weertman so he could practice and perfect his finish technique.

These are the small things that athletes and coaches focus on in the quadrennial during their preparations for the”_blank”

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