Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

With so many swimmers around the world attempting and completing unprecedented charity and environmental swims from the Southern Ocean to the North Pole and every ocean and nearly every sea between, their need and ability to communicate their missions and goals is similarly unprecedented in human history.

Lewis Pugh has 52,400 Twitter followers, Keri-Anne Payne has 48,100 Twitter followers, Diana Nyad has 44,600 Twitter followers, Dr. Peter Attia has 26,400 Twitter followers, Wallace J. Nichol has 20,300 Twitter followers, Chloe Sutton has 14,800 Twitter followers, Ana Marcela Cunha has 10,800 Twitter followers, Natalie du Toit has 8,805 Twitter followers, Haley Anderson has 8,575 Twitter followers, Alex Meyer has 6,664 Twitter followers, Ben Lecomte has 5,172 Twitter followers, and many more swimmers communicate collectively with many millions of friends and fans.

Marathon swimmer Matthew Moseley is a communications expert on dryland and is coming out with a new book called Ignition: The Art of Controlling Your Environment Through Communications. “I make the argument that we are only as successful in love, life and work as our ability to communicate.”

Moseley is always working for his clients and for himself to seize opportunities to tell better stories.

And anyone who has heard Pugh and other talented swimmers speak (see here) knows the importance of telling a good story to engage swimmers and non-swimmers alike.

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