Linda Kaiser Daring, Sharing And Caring

Courtesy of Cyndia Michelle and Cyndia Lavik, Honolulu, Hawaii.

Cyndia Michelle and Cyndia Lavik produced an interview with Linda Kaiser, 2018 inductee of the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame. She has also been inducted into the Hawaii Swimming Hall of Fame and the Hawaii Waterman Hall of Fame.

Linda is a multi-talented athlete and has competed in 50 marathons, many Half Ironmans, 1 full Ironman, 32 Tinmans (an Olympic distance triathlon) and competed in her first Waikiki Roughwater Swim in 1984 when she was 34 years old.

She continued to swim in the Waikiki Roughwater Swim for many years since and has been one of the event’s administrators. Linda is a great storyteller and she has a lot to share with the swim community and more. Watch her explain many shark encounters over the years and express her passion for swimming and helping others.”

Her channel swims throughout the state of Hawaii include the following:

#1: 14.1 km Auau Channel (Lanai to Maui) on August 19th 1989 in 5 hours 11 minutes
#2: 13.5 km Pailolo Channel (Maui to Molokai) on November 30th 1990 in 4 hours 47 minutes (first woman)
#3: 14.9 km Kalohi Channel (Molokai to Lanai) on September 21st 1991 in 4 hours 30 minutes
#4: 11.2 km Alalakeiki Channel (Maui to Kahoolawe) on April 14th 2001 in 3 hours 30 minutes (first woman/unprecedented direction/shark sighting)
#5: 27.3 km Kaulakahi Channel (Kauai to Niihau) on July 20th 2003 in 10 hours 45 minutes (first person/first woman)
#6: 27.3 km Kealaikahiki Channel (Kahoolawe to Lanai), September 11th 2005 in 11 hours 53 minutes (first person/first woman)
#7: 42 km Ka’iwi Channel (Molokai to Oahu) in 2007 in 15 hours 0 minutes
#8: 48.2 km Alenuihaha Channel (Hawaii to Maui) on September 12th 2009 in 16 hours 10 minutes (multiple shark sightings)
#9: 115.8 km Kaieiewaho Channel Relay (Oahu to Kauai) on November 22nd 2010 in 47 hours 55 minutes (multiple shark sightings)

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