Courtesy of WOWSA, Tempe Town Lake, Arizona.

USA Swimming Open Water National Championships will start tomorrow at 8 am in Tempe Town Lake, Arizona with a fascinating race, highlighted by Haley Anderson and Ashley Twichell.

The two national and world champions have been competing against each other for over a decade and in what is probably their last Olympic quadrennial together, both are looking to close out their careers with victories on the domestic front and gold medal finishes on the international scene.

While there is still plenty of time and there remain plenty of competitors to challenge the leading duo, the easy-to-navigate, 6-loop rectangular course in flat warm-water conditions of Tempe Town Lake will mimic the expected easy-to-navigate, 6-loop rectangular course in flat warm-water conditions at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

One of the competitors who Anderson and Twichell will face tomorrow – and may again in Tokyo – is Hungary’s Anna Olasz who is right at home in Tempe since she is a graduate of nearby Arizona State University.

On the men’s side, it is hard to imagine anyone nipping at the heels of world champion and pool and open water Olympian Jordan Wilimovsky of Team Santa Monica. If all things proceed as expected, it is only a matter of how far will Wilimovsky finish ahead of the pack and who will join him at the 2018 Pan Pacific Championships in Japan later this summer as the American representative.

The national championships will showcase the top American distance freestylers as well as competitors from Mexico, Canada, Austria and Hungary. The event will kickoff with the 10 km race on Friday, 5 km junior races on Saturday May 5th, and 5 km and 7.5 km races on Sunday, May 6th.

The races will all be webcast as follows:

10 km on May 4th at 11 am New York/Eastern Time at
5 km Juniors on May 5th at 11 am New York/Eastern Time at
5 km on May 6th at 11 am New York/Eastern Time at
7.5 km on May 6th at 2 pm New York/Eastern Time at

Female Participants:
* Martha Ruth Aguilar Ortega, Mexico
* Haley Anderson, Trojan Swim Club
* Haley Benjamin, Durango Swim Club
* Kathryn Campbell, Team Santa Monica
* Mariah Denigan, Northern Kentucky Clippers Swimming
* Joy Field, Texas A & M University
* Hayley Hill, Scottsdale Aquatic Club
* Anna Kalandadze, Radnor Aquatic Club
* Sarah Laabs, Bearcat Aquatics
* Rebecca Mann, Unattached
* Martha Rocio Sandoval Ayala, Mexico
* Victoria McCullough, Nation’s Capital Swim Club
* Kensey McMahon, Bolles School Sharks
* Hannah Moore, Wolfpack Elite
* Anna Olasz, Hungary
* Nicole Oliva, Santa Clara Swim Club
* Isabella Rongione, Trojan Swim Club
* Cathryn Salladin, FAST Swim Team
* Kaitlynn Sims, Magnolia Aquatic Club
* Erica Sullivan, Sandpipers of Nevada
* Brooke Travis, Nation’s Capital Swim Club
* Chase Travis, Nation’s Capital Swim Club
* Ashley Twichell, TAC Titans
* Maggie Wallace, Egg Harbor Twp Seahawks

Male Participants:
* Taylor Abbott, Tennessee Aquatics
* Aaron Apel, Scottsdale Aquatic Club
* Flexi Aubock, Austria
* Nicholas Becker, Sandpipers of Nevada
* Ford Blaylock, Rockwall Aquatic Center of Excellence
* Christopher Bready, Bearcat Aquatics
* Thomas Bretzmann, North Carolina Aquatic Club
* James Brinegar, Mission Viejo Nadadores
* Brendan Casey, Cavalier Swimming
* Alfredo Villa Cortez, Mexico
* Ross Dant, Hickory Foundation YMCA Seahorse
* Robert Delk, SwimAtlanta
* Hau-li Fan, Canada
* Robert Dickson, Unattached
* Jared Graham, Penguin Aquatics
* Brennan Gravley, Sandpipers of Nevada
* Joseph Gutierrez, Sandpipers of Nevada
* Ethan Heasley, Hillsboro Swim Team
* Eric Hedlin, Canada
* David Heron, Tennessee Aquatics
* Tyler Jones, Bearcat Aquatics
* Gordon Mason, Team Santa Monica
* Jon McKay, Canada
* Nicholas Norman, California Aquatics
* Samuel Rice, Tennessee Aquatics
* William Roberts, University of Michigan Swim Team
* Kieran Smith, Ridgefield Aquatic Club
* TC Smith, Unattached
* Nicholas Sweetser, Unattached
* Luke Thornbrue, Hillsboro Swim Team
* Arturo Perez Vertti Ferrer, Mexico
* Jordan Wilimovsky, Team Santa Monica

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