Courtesy of USA Swimming, Tempe Town Lake, Arizona.

Ivan Puskovitch of the Episcopal Academy Aquatic Club in Pennsylvania will have a second shot at the 5 km race at the 2018 FINA World Junior Open Water Swimming Championships in Eilat, Israel.

In 2016 at the same FINA Championships, 14-year-old Puskovitch finished 17th, over 2 minutes 22 seconds behind the Russian gold medalist Daniil Orlov [see highlight video above by Thomas Jansen]. But two years older, wiser, stronger and faster, it is expected that Puskovitch will compete for a podium position.

Puskovitch forged into a lead during the fourth of five laps – and held it – at the 7.5 km qualifying race at the 2018 USA Swimming National Open Water Swimming Championship in Tempe Town Lake, Arizona.

Puskovitch finished nearly 10 seconds ahead of second-place Ethan Heasley who also will represent the U.S. at the 2018 FINA World Junior Open Water Championships this coming September.

Puskovitch said, “I qualified to represent the U.S. at World Juniors two years ago in Amsterdam, Netherlands, so my main mission coming into this meet was to re-qualify. I really just wanted to make sure I could go represent Team USA again, and I’m just really proud that I have that opportunity.”

7.5 km Junior Results:
1. Ivan Puskovitch (Episcopal Academy Aquatic Club) 1:31:33.48
2. Ethan Heasley (Hillsboro Swim Team) 1:31:43.28
3. Noah Brune (Mission Viejo Nadadores) 1:31:56.14
4. Mason Nyboer (Tiger Aquatics) 1:32:02.33
5. Sawyer Grimes (Sandpipers Of Nevada) 1:32:11.06
6. Joseph Tepper (Egg Harbor Twp Seahawks) 1:32:16.78
7. Luke Thornbrue (Hillsboro Swim Team) 1:32:26.14
8. Caleb Gould (Sandpipers of Nevada) 1:32:29.96
9. Blake Simpson (Santa Maria Swim Club) 1:33:11.52
10. Dylan Gravley (Sandpipers if Nevada) 1:33:20.51
11. Scott Pekarske (Tucson Ford Dealers Aquatics) 1:33:29.06
12. Aaron Frollo (Fishers Area Swimming Tigers) 1:33:38.76
13. Ryan King (Montrose Marlins Swim Club) 1:34:31.30
14. Ryan Vipavetz (Rockville Montgomery Swim Club) 1:34:51.77
15. Alexander Smigal (Pacific Swim) 1:35:02.26
16. Stefan Cooley (Scottsdale Aquatic Club) 1:35:08.61
17. Hunter Kroll (Mission Viejo Nadadores) 1:35:14.28
18. Peter Thompson (Billings Aquatic Club) 1:35:17.65
19. Connor Hughes (TAC Titans) 1:35:20.63
20. Aidan Reagan (Tucson Ford Dealers Aquatics) 1:35:30.21
21. Kenneth Lloyd (North Carolina Aquatic Club) 1:35:32.65
22. Brady Vann (United Swim Association) 1:35:34.41
23. Jacob Headrick (Bellevue Club Swim Team) 1:35:36.77
24. Ryan Staunch (Swim Florida) 1:35:46.78
25. Jude Williams (Riverside Aquatics Association) 1:36:57.29
26. Berlitz, Daniel (Parkland Aquatic Club) 1:37:03.32
27. Ramminger, Benjamin (Madison Aquatic Club) 1:37:32.06
28. Alcock, Sebastian (Team Santa Monica) 1:37:56.39
29. Daniels, Connor (DART Swimming) 1:38:34.81
30. Carter, Jared (New Wave Swim Team) 1:38:45.93
31. Fallon, Matthew (Somerset Valley YMCA) 1:38:56.64
32. Moffatt, Dylan (Black Hawk Area Swim Team) 1:39:05.24
33. Bonnell, Matthew (Plymouth Whitemarsh Aquatics) 1:39:08.13
34. Babson, Riley (Tucson Ford Dealers Aquatics) 1:39:10.15
35. Leuthold, Jack (Billings Aquatic Club) 1:41:04.43
36. Bohon, Ellis (Scottsdale Aquatic Club) 1:42:15.10
37. Watts, Nathan (Rockville Montgomery Swim Club) 1:42:21.30
38. Rosner, Jacob (Rockville Montgomery Swim Club) 1:42:34.59
39. Harris, Drew (Unattached) 1:42:41.83
40. James Tracey (Greater Pensacola Aquatic Club) 1:47:50.30

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