Courtesy of WOWSA, Pacific Ocean.

26-year-old Lauren Horner has an overwhelming responsibility as a medical practitioner aboard the Discoverer, the escort boat for Ben Lecomte’s The Longest Swim.

Lecomte’s transoceanic swim is his attempt at an assisted stage swim from Choshi, Japan to San Francisco, California – 8,721 km across the Pacific Ocean scheduled to start on June 5th.

Horner is a British expedition medic and researcher who has done rotations in medicine, surgery and accident and emergency medicine in Wales including working closely with the mountain rescue services. Her interests include pre-hospital and expedition medicine – and all of her skills and experiences will be necessary during The Longest Swim.

My responsibilities in Ben’s swim include working with Maks Romeijn and MSOS [Medication Safety Officers Society] to ensure the escort crew aboard the Discoverer and Ben have good medical care along with monitoring Ben during his swim and carrying out a number of research projects while sailing along the way.”

Lecomte’s swim can be followed on the Seeker or on his website. His live tracker can be seen here.

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