Courtesy of Janine Serell, Catalina Channel, California.

At the age of 64, Paula Yankauskas swam slow and steady without any drama, finishing her crossing of the Catalina Channel in 15 hours 49 minutes, becoming the second oldest individual to complete the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming.

Crew member Janine Serell said, “Paula was amazing. She swam slow and steady and without any drama. She was expertly guided by the Pacific Star and fed and cared for via kayaking by Mark Witt and Dan Simonelli.

Her crew included her sister Valerie, her swim twin Tiffany McQueen, Stephanie Hopson, and John McQueen.

She continues to inspire those of us who think that time is running out to achieve our big dreams that with a lot of hard work, dedication, and execution of a well thought out plan that we too can reach and grab the gold ring.”

Yankauskas credits her coaches at the Swimming Hole in Vermont and the Kingdom Swims Series by Phil White for helping to prepare her for the Triple Crown.

Courtesy of WCAX, Hyde Park, Vermont.

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