Courtesy of Mervyn Bremner, Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

Over the weekend, Mervyn Bremner from Cape Town, South Africa completed miles #147, #148, #149, #150, #151, #152, #153 and #154 at the aQuellé Midmar Mile in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa.

Stanley Kozlowski presented Bremner with a special trophy in commemoration of completing 150 miles at the 8 Mile Club held concurrently at the aQuellé Midmar Mile. “Thank to all my supporters and donors to Childhood Cancer Foundation South Africa and special thanks to my daughter Sam [Bremner] for being there on the day.”

The open water swimming community offers a number of unique awards including the following:

* Belt buckles at the SCAR Swim Challenge in Arizona, USA: see here
* Conch tropies at the Race For The Conch Eco-SeaSwim in Turks & Caicos: see here
* Walking sticks and woodals at the Kingdom Swim in Vermont: see here
* Paper crown for Ice Kilometers swimmers at the International Ice Swimmiing Association Ireland National Championships: see here
* For Triple Crowners (English Channel + Catalina Channel + Around Manhattan Island): see here
* MSF Spork + MSF Navigator Award from the Marathon Swimmers Federation: see here
* Cherrywood plaque for South End Rowing Club members for their North Channel crossing: see here
* For H20PLAY Swim Series winners: see here
* For 2-way North Channel relay from Northern Ireland to Scotland and back to Northern Ireland: see here
* For Hawaiian Christmas Looong Distance Invitational Rough-H2O Swim finishers on Oahu: see here
* For finishers of the Nevis to St. Kitts Cross-Channel Swim: see here
* English Channel award for Shubham Vanmali: see here
* Unique fish awards at the Los Cabos Open Water Challenge: see here.

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