Courtesy of Global Swim Series, Dnipro River, Kyiv, Ukraine

Dmytro Polupan, General Manager at Legendary Swim Series, tells of the Cossacks who have swum in and across the Dnipro, the biggest and longest river in Ukraine since the 15th century. “There are so many beautiful, tragic and heroic legends about [these swimmers]. On July 13th, more than 500 people – heroes like the Cossacks of previous centuries – will swim across the Dnipro River along one of its widest places.”

Polupan, together with Oleksiy Syutkin and Kostyantyn Fedoriv of the Legendary Swim Series, organize the Dnipro International Swim Marathon, a 5-race event held on July 13th in the Dnipro River in Ukraine.

The distances include a 750m Kids race, a 3 km Sprint race, a 5 km Hero race, a 10 km Legend race, and the 2×5 km Relay. <br><br/>

For more information on the newest Ukrainian stop on the 2019 Global Swim Series, visit here.

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