Courtesy of WOWSA, San Francisco Bay, California.

The San Francisco Frogman Swim (formerly the Golden Gate Frogman Swim and sister swim to the Tampa Bay Frogman Swim is a 2-mile swim and fundraiser on July 14th that benefits the Navy SEAL Foundation that supports wounded and fallen Navy SEALs, NSW Support Personnel and their families.

The 2-mile course extends from Chrissy Field to Aquatic Park in San Francisco Bay.

The event is held in honor of Michael Koch and Nathan Hardy. The Fundraising Director is Randy Enzman ([email protected]).

Anthony McCarley talks about participating in the Frogman Swims, “I have to admit that it took being here to fully appreciate what the event was really about. It was easy to get caught up in the swimming part of the event – some swimming superstars participated. I was fortunate to meet Olympian Brooke Bennett, and Craig Lenning who has accomplished the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming.

But the day and event wasn’t about the swimming.I know that I can’t express what the event was really about: somewhere between the Opening Ceremony, where they read aloud the names of SEALs who died in service to our country, and the Closing Ceremony, where they talked about the incredible sacrifices made by some SEALs and the hope of those overcoming serious injury, I lost count of the number of times my eyes welled up and I realized the event had nothing to do with swimming.

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