Courtesy of WOWSA, Stubenbersee, Stubenberg, Austria.

Yasunari Hirai is on a winning streak through Europe. His latest victory was at the 3.8 km Apfelland Schwimm Marathon Stubenbergsee in Stubenberg, Austria – and was also a new course record.

He narrowly beat fellow pro swimmer David Brandl who later went on to win th 5 km bonus swim in 56:53.

Emma Leu from Vienna narrowly missed the course record as the fastest women of the 3.8 km race and also won the 1:05:41 in the 5 km bonus race.

On May 11th, more than 200 swimmers kicked off the open water season in Stubenbersee located in the warmest climatic region of Austria.

Official Top 10 3.8 km Results: 
1. Yasunari Hirai 43:01.71
2. David Brandl  43:03.71
3. Max Fischerlehner 46:43.63
4. Emma Leu 49:10.62 [first woman]
5. Viktoria Felföldi 52:54.96 [second woman]
6. Maximilian Murg 53:53:57
7. Norbert Nagl 54:03.76
8. Philipp Tiefenbrunn 54:10.27
9. Bernhard Sifferlinger 54:58.66
10. Michael Aigner 57:31.51

In the event 1.5 km race, Nikolas Dittrich set a new course record in 18:16. Unterberger Livia was the 4th overall and fastest woman in the shorter race.

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