Adrienne Groccia Sets Record In Stage 4 Of 8 Bridges

Courtesy of Rondi Davies, Hudson River, New York Open Water.  

Two 20-something young women went 1-2 on Stage 4 – known as The Highlands – in the 8 Bridges Hudson River Swim, the longest open water swim in the world at 193 km of stage swimming in the Hudson River.

26-year-old Adrienne Groccia from New York won the 24.4 km stage in 4 hours 7 minutes, less than a minute faster than second-place 23-year-old Abigail Bergman from California who finished in 4 hours 8 minutes 41 seconds.

Race director Rondi Davies reported, “Stage 4 started out cloudy with NNW winds building to 15 mph with gusts above 20 mph. The tail winds pushed the swimmers along a fast flowing ebb, though the choppy waters were a challenge.

The tight bend in the river at World’s End blocked the wind and the second half of the swim, from West Point to the bridge, was calm and fast. The sun came out, swimmers found their groove, and pushed hard to the finish.

Adrienne Groccia, Abigail Bergman and John Batchelder raced the entire distance and all went under the course record set by 7-stager Cheryl Reinke in 2016.

It was great to see some new faces (Adrienne Groccia, Abigail Bergman) welcome back many 8 Bridges veterans (Hannah Borgeson, John Hughes, Steven Spiegel), and sad to see some multiple stagers leave (Ozlen Luznar and Steve Gruenwald).

[It was] a great day on the river!

  1. Adrienne Groccia (26, New York) 4:07:45 [course record]
  2. Abigail Bergman (23, California) 4:08:41
  3. John Batchelder (38, Colorado) 4:10:39 (21:35:36)
  4. Hannah Borgeson (47, New York) 4:16:50
  5. John Hughes (57 Connecticut) 4:33:29
  6. Steven Spiegel (58, Massachusetts) 4:37:32
  7. Steve Gruenwald (57, Minnesota) 4:37:35
  8. Andrew Wells (39, 4:40:22) (22:33:33) Great Britain
  9. Ozlen Luznar (45, Maryland) 4:45:52
  10. Charles van der Horst (67, North Carolina) 4:46:21
  11. Mary Stella (42, Pennsylvania) 5:11:56

Tomorrow, the swimmers and crew will enjoy a rest day.  The 8 Bridges Hudson River Swim will resume on Thursday with The Beast, a 31.8 km river swim from Bear Mountain Bridge to the New Tappan Zee Bridge. All 8 Bridges swimmers can be tracked via GPS during the swim here.

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