Elfstedentocht Swim 2.0 Has Begun

Courtesy of Marten van der Weijden Foundation, Netherlands.

After swimming 163 km over 55 hours in his native Netherlands last year in an unprecedented attempt to swim the Elfstedentocht course, 2008 Olympic 10K marathon swim champion Maarten van der Weijden has begun his second attempt at the Elfstedentocht Swim.

His Elfstedentocht Swim previously generated over €5 million euros in an 11-city charity swim – to date, Van der Weijden’s effort represents the greatest amount of proceeds from a single charity open water swim in history.

The former leukemia survivor – the only leukemia survivor to win an Olympic medal – raises money for research into cancer, a disease that he suffered himself where he once lost half his body weight.  “He is a champion in every sense of the word,” observed Steven Munatones.  “He is such a talented individual who continues to give so much to his community, to those who suffer from cancer, and to many others who welcome his unique form of inspiration.  Maarten is simply remarkable.

For more information and to follow his progress on the nearly 200 km Eleven City Swim, visit www.11stedenzwemtocht.nl.

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