Leslie Hamilton, Heather Fairbanks Go 1-2 In 8 Bridges Hudson River Swim

Courtesy of Rondi Davies, Hudson River, New York Open Water.  Video courtesy of kayaker Michael Smalley.

Race director Rondi Davies reported on Stage 3 of the 8 Bridges Hudson River Swim, a 24.46 km river swim from the the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge to the Bear Mountain Bridge in New York’s Hudson River, “Stage 3 started on a peaceful Monday morning with little commercial traffic and calm conditions on the Hudson River as an influx of new swimmers arrived from [the states of] North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and California.

Patchy clouds turned to overcast with wind gusts arrived near the finish, but the rain held off until the swimmers had cleared the water.

In her longest career swim, Leslie Hamilton of New York won the stage, followed by Heather Fairbanks and John Batchelder. Batchelder switched from his usual butterfly to freestyle approximately 1 hour into the swim and even did a little backstroke under the bridge.”

That being said, Seven Stagers John Batchelder and Andrew Wells are ready to go in Stage 4 on their way to completing all 193 km of the world’s longest open water swimming competition.

Stage 3 Results:

  1. Leslie Hamilton (New York) 4:15:02
  2. Heather Fairbanks (Virginia) 4:20:10
  3. John Batchelder (38, Colorado) 4:20:18
  4. Ali Hall (California) 4:26:55
  5. Ozlen Luznar (Maryland) 4:29:00
  6. Judy Caves (59, Pennsylvania) 4:30:01
  7. Amy Frick (Virginia) 4:31:37
  8. Craig Dunbar (55, Virginia) 4:38:12
  9. Charles van der Horst (North Carolina) 4:40:01
  10. Andrew Wells (40, UK) 4:40:56
  11. Steve Gruenwald (58, Minnesota) 4:42:50
  12. Mary Stella (42, Pennsylvania) 4:48:22
  13. Jacqueline Broner (New York) 5:11:02

Swimmers of Stage 4 will start at 9:30 am at the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge and swim 24.46 km to the Bear Mountain Bridge.  All the swimmers will be tracked via GPS during the swim here.

Stage 4 Start List:

  1. John Batchelder (38, Colorado)
  2. Hannah Borgeson (New York)
  3. Adrienne Groccia (New York)
  4. John Hughes (Connecticut)
  5. Ozlen Luznar (Maryland)
  6. Steven Spiegel (Massachusetts)
  7. Mary Stella (42, Pennsylvania)
  8. Charles van der Horst (North Carolina)
  9. Andrew Wells (40, UK)
  10. Abigail Bergman (California)
  11. Steve Gruenwald (58, Minnesota) 4:42:50

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