Guanaja Green Island Open Water

Open Water Swimming In Honduras

Courtesy of Rodil Casanova, Amigos de las Aguas Abiertas, Honduras.

Blue, green and all kinds of hues and shades in between, open water swimming in Honduras is an exercise in marine beauty.

For example, the Guanaja Green Island Open Water or Torneo Internactional de Natacion de Aguas Abiertas is a 5 km open water swimming held on one of the best beaches in Honduras: Dina Beach in Guanaja Bay, located 70 km from the northern border of Honduras.

Rodil Casanova is the president of Amigos de las Aguas Abiertas that organizes open water swimming from 800m for children, 2 km for intermediate swimmers and triathletes to 5 km for more advanced and competitive swimmers. 

Interested swimmers can contact Casanova via email at [email protected] to learn of additional opportunities or visit the Amigos de las Aguas Abiertas Facebook page here.

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