Swimming Straight From Sado

Courtesy of Masayuki Moriya, Ocean Navi, Sado Island, Japan.

Team Ocean Navi completed a 40 km crossing from Sado Island to Niigata on the mainland on Honshu on June 12th.  The 12-person relay started at 2 am and finished 12 hours 24 minutes later in the city of Nagaoka.

Taku Wakabayashi, Eri Obiya, Saki Watanabe, Hiroto Kagami, Takeomi Modagi, Masamichi Taniuchi, Kumiko Koizumi, Aya Kurano, Yasuko Takeda, Mayumi Doi, Tanomi Muraki and Nishina Yuichi were observed by Masayuki Moriya with the support of Honma Motoko.

Moriya reported, “There were some waves and wind at the start that made for rough conditions, but the wind gradually diminished over time and the ocean became flat by daybreak.   Without much of a tidal flow, the swimmers exchanged leg every 10 minutes in the 20°C – 21°C with the air temperature at 19°C at the start and 23°C during the day.  

Everyone wore wetsuits.

Kumiko Koizumi is not finished.  She will be part of another relay crossing of the Sado Channel next week.”

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