The Unsinkable Craig Dietz To Speak At WOWSA Ocean Fest
Courtesy of WOWSA, Redondo Beach, California.

Lincoln Sokolski of Whirley-Drink Works says, “At the end of the day, I believe most of us left with a new positive energy to be a better person, believing we can overcome challenges in life and reaching for higher achievements (whatever they may be). Craig is a doer, visionary and inspiring leader while remaining refreshingly down to earth.”

High school student Sandra Florig said of Craig Dietz, “He successfully held the attention of the diverse audience and reached the students at all levels with his genuine story, humor, and unbelievable philosophy about life’s challenges.”

I agree wholeheartedly with Lincoln and Sandra,” said Steven Munatones.  “Craig is a special person.  Craig would be a special person whether or not he had arms and legs.  What Craig has done with his life and, more importantly, how he had done it – with passion, vision, joy and commitment – is the inspiration for many, for all.”

Dietz, an individual, an attorney, and a motivational speaker, was born without arms and legs. 

Yet, he attacked life with high expectations and boundless energy – and his family and parents also shared and encouraged his mindset.

His longest swim to date is a successful completion of the 6-mile Kingdom Swim on Lake Memphremagog, Vermont in July 2016, winning the Adaptive Division in 4 hours 12 minutes together with escort kayaker Laura Dolgin.

Dietz will speak at the 2019 Open Water Summit in Redondo Beach in Southern California on October 5th.

I highly recommend listening – and learning – from Craig,” said Munatones.  “He is remarkable and unique in our open water swimming world.  The aquatic community should celebrate his participation and love of our sport.”

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