Two-stage Russia-to-Japan Swim With Alexander Brylin

Courtesy of Alexander Brylin, La Pérouse Strait, Russia-to-Japan. Alexander Brylin, one of the world’s most famous ice swimmers and one of its most eloquent ambassadors, announced less than one month  remains before the start of the 42.8 km international relay through the Laperuz Strait between Sakhalin, Russia and Hokkaido, Japan. He explained, “The first stage is 22.2 km in distance and will occur on July 18th – 19th from Cape Crillion in Russia to a point along the 12-mile international zone towards Cape Soi in Japan, deep into the La Pérouse Strait.  The second stage will be another 22.2 km (12 miles) on July 20th – 22nd from the point along the 12-mile international zone within the La Pérouse Strait to Cape Soi in Japan.” Copyright © 2008-2019 by World Open Water Swimming Association