Dina Levačič Attempts To Replicate Veljko Rogošić Feat
Courtesy of Croatia Week, Adriatic Sea, off the Dalmatian Coast, Croatia.

Dina Levačič has swum around the world in professional marathon swims and channel swims, but the 23-year-old Croatian student from Split attempted to complete the second 54 km swim from the island of Vis to Split in history on July 25th.

It was her second attempt of the distance swim.  Last year, she was pulled only 3 km from Split.  This year, after starting at 3 am, she stopped after 35 km and 11 hours 15 minutes due to serious breathing problems .  “After 35 km, because of big problems breathing, Dina has had to stop. Thanks everybody for the support,” her team reported to Croatia Week.

Last year, after swimming more than 51 kilometres and battling extremely strong currents, she ended 3 km short of Split. The last Croatian to swim from the island of Vis to Split was International Marathon Swimming Hall of Famer Veljko Rogošić in 1975. Copyright © 2008-2019 by World Open Water Swimming Association