Adam Stevenson finishing his swim and beginning his run in the shallows and up the beach at the 2009 Axxess DSL Ocean Racing Series in Nelson Mandela Bay.

Open Water Swimming Word Of The Day: Deck-ups

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Deck-ups (noun): A pool training set where swimmers pull themselves out of the pool after each swim and dive back into the water for the next swim during an interval-training set.

Purpose: The set prepares the athletes for the end of an open water race with an onshore finish or the T1 transition.

Athletes experience heart rate spikes due to the transition from swimming in the horizontal position to running in the vertical position.

Usage: The coach asked the swimmers to do a set of 10 deck-ups where they pulled themselves out of the pool and dove back into the water for 10 fifty-yard sprints on one minute.

Synonyms: pull-outspull-upsget-outs

Origin: Usage dating to circa 2001 from Gerry Rodrigues in Santa Monica, California.

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