Photo courtesy of Gerry Mooney

Rachel Lee Is Doubly Busy, Doubly Fast

Photo courtesy of WOWSA, Northern Ireland.

Rachel Lee is busy – and fast.

The 39-year-old Irish open water swimmer serves as a Swift Water Rescue Technician with the Dublin City Firefighters.

She is also a mother of twin boys (Lex and Bruce shown on left) and manages a training club called Ocean Breakers where she shares her open water swimming skills and experience.

She is also fast in her own skin; i.e., without a wetsuit.

She was also the fastest overall swimmer at the 2019 Battle of Carlingford Lough Swim, 7.5 km shoreline ocean swim held in Carlingford, Ireland, starting in Omeath Co. Louth and finishing in Carlingford Co. Lough.

Fast is her game.  She also successfully crossed the English Channel in 9 hours 40 minutes; faster than most swimmers including her partner and fellow firefighter Tom Healy (who finished in a very respectable 9 hours 51 minutes).

Top 15 Battle of Carlingford Lough Results:

  1. Rachel Lee 1:53:53 [skins, first female]
  2. Ronan Joyce 1:54:20 [skins]
  3. Jordan Leckey 1:57:15
  4. Attila Manyoki 1:59:22 [skins]
  5. Conor Johnston 2:00:49
  6. Declan Burke 2:00:58
  7. Susan Knight 2:01:43 [skins, second female]
  8. Garret 2:03:31
  9. Nichola Murch 2:07:13 [third female]
  10. Brian Desmond 2:09:3
  11. David Lynch 2:10:48
  12. Jonathan Ratcliffe 2:12:50 [skins]
  13. Jonathan Groves 2:15:42 [skins]
  14. Aodhan 2:15:42
  15. Francie Maclinden 2:18:51 [skins]

For the full set of results of the Battle of Carlingford Lough Swim organized by Infinity Channel Swimming, visit here.

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