Athletes And Dangerous Waves In The Open Water

Courtesy of Bruckner Chase, NOAA National Ocean Service and National Weather Service.

In what is a groundbreaking new approach for the National Weather Service in how the public can stay safe in, on, or near dynamic open water like oceans and large lakes, Bruckner Chase and the NOAA are creating messages that will resonate with ocean swimmers and athletes and their family and friends who spend time on shorelines even when a start and finish line are not involved.

Chase explains, “The Wave Safe program focuses on three goals that cover any hazard that ocean-goers may encounter:

* Respect the Ocean
* Stay Situationally Aware on, in, or near any open water shoreline
* Take Ten before you act if you or someone else is in trouble to prevent second victim drownings, or as we like to say: Live to be the Hero

For more information, visit here at Ocean Today

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